Mari Langmyr
Oslo, Norway & Brisbane, Australia

   Trine C. Johansen
Bergen, Norway
   Nille Bay
Hampen, Denmark
Main bass: Ibanez road star
Rig: Marshall
Current band:
Former band(s): Sweetleaves
Favourite bands: System Of A Down, Bob Marley
Available for work: Yes
  Main bass: Rickenbacker, Gibson Thunderbird
Main rig: Fender Bassmann
Current band:
Octavia Sperati, Hunting League
Favourite bands: Clutch, Mastodon, Pink Floyd
Available for work: Yes
Web: /
  Main bass: Samick
Current band:
The Point Of No Return
Favourite bands: KoRn, Murderdolls, The Changing, KISS, Sex Pistols and Misfits
Birthday: 11th January
I also play: Guitar, keyboard and I sing.
Available for work: No



 Charlotte Vestergaard
Aarhus C, Denmark


 Aija Puurtinen (Honey B.)
Helsinki, Finland

   Rosy Dew
Göteborg, Sweden (Home: Italy)
Main bass: Fender Jazz 68; Musicman Stingray
Main rig: EBS 4x10 + Hartke 3500, Boss Octava, Emma Discumbubulator, EBS Distortion.
Current band:
Stuen th
Favourite bands: Lamb, Coldplay, Massive Attack
Available for work: Yes




Main bass: ‘68 Fender Telecaster Bass
First bass:  Hofner Beatle Bass
Rig: Gallion-Krueger head with 2 x 12” Framus cabinet
Current band:
Honey B. and the T-Bones
Former band: HBTB
Favourite bands: Foo Fighters, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Sly & the Family Stone
Birthday: 19th of August
Status: married
I also play: piano, guitar + vocals
Available for work:  yes

  Main bass: Fender jazz, Washburn XB series, Luther (home made bass)
Main rig: Laney UDP300B, 300W speakers 1 x 15" and 1 x 12"
Current band:
Violet Esme, Malus Castor
Former band(s): Seventh sign (Yngve Malmsteen tribute band)
Favourite bands: Kiss, Danger Danger, Enuff z´nuff
Available for work: Yes



 Flavia Canel
Stockholm, Sweden


 Heini Indica
Helsinki, Finland



Main bass: 2 Spector NS 2000/4, 1 black and 1 blue
Main rig: Amp Marshall VBA400, Speaker Marshall VBC810
Former band: Drain STH ~ lead guitar), Blowsight ~ bass
Favourite bands: Pantera, Breaking Benjamin, My Chemical Romance


Main bass: RickenBacker
Rig/Amp: Ampeg SVT-AV, Ampeg SVT-810E
Current band:
Available for work? No
Birthday: 28 December
Web: www. indica. fi
myspace. com/theindicaband


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