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 Iris Hidding
Hilversum, Netherlands


 Tracyne Hines-Nixon
Philadelphia, PA., USA

 Junko Hime
Tokyo, Japan
Main bass: Fender MiM Jazz Bass 5-string
Rig/Amp: SWR LA 15
Current band: The We Don't Have A Name Yet Band
Available for work: Yes!



  Main bass: Fender Jazz & Line 6 5 strings
Current band:
Gospel & Rock
I also play: drums & keys
Available for work: Yes
Web: myspace.com/buuki2



  Main bass: 1972 Fender Precision
First bass: Fernandez
Rig: None
Current band:
Bo_Peep (See Links)
Favourite bands: Last Days Of April, Led Zeppelin, Chemical Brothers
Available for work? Yes

 Sarah Higgins
Birmingham, England


 Michelle Holmes
Topanga, California, USA


 Gill Hedron
Glasgow, Scotland

Main bass: Music Man Stringray 3EQ plus Ibanez BTB, Yamaha and Sandberg basses
Main rig: EBS baby!
Current band:
Murders in Memphis and solo
Favourite bands: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tool, Pearl Jam
Available for work: Yes

  Main bass: Vaccaro (electric), Palatino (upright)
Main rig: Ashdown
Current band:
Crazy Aunt Mary
Former band(s): Moe Jones, Sweetnighter Jazz Sextet
Favourite bands: Steely Dan, Kate Bush, The Beatles
Available for work: Yes

Website: Please see Links page

  Main bass: Fender Jazz Deluxe
First bass: Fender Jazz Standard
Amp/Rig: Trace Elliott 1210 combo with 1518C cabinet
Current band:
The Hedrons
Favourite bands: Foo Fighters, RATM,
Birthday: 13 August
Status: Single
I also play guitar

 Michelle Howland
Glens Falls, New York, USA


 Julie Hess
Atlanta, Georgia, USA


 Constanze Hart
Brisbane, Australia

Main bass: Ibanez
Main rig: Ampeg
Current band:
Bob Smith and the Joneses
Former band(s): Cold Shot, The Company Band, Keystone, Pinello Road
Favourite bands: Heart
Available for work: Yes

Website: Please see Links page

  Main bass: Fender Mustang re-issue
First bass: Alvarez Dana
Rig: Markbass Little Mark II head and Ampeg SVT-410HLF
Current band:
Broken Red
Former band(s): Bellarosa
Favourite bands: Smashing Pumpkins, Chevelle, Flyleaf, The Lassie Foundation
I also play: guitar and sing
Available for work: depends (case by case basis)
Contact: julie@brokenred.com
  Main bass: Yamaha RBX760
Rig: Gallien Krueger 410SBX and Behringer BX3000 head
Current band:
Fem Inc.
Former bands: Deep Fry, Crack Baby, Spindrift
Favourite bands: Rage Against The Machine, Tool, Primus
Available for work: Yes

 Jamie Holm
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


 Anna Hrešková
Obyce, Slovakia


 Beth Hammer
Sarasota, Florida, U.S.A.

Bass: Fender Mustang
Current band: Sick of Sarah
Former bands: Hazel Strange, The Westgoing Zax
Favourite music genre: Rock
Favourite musicians: Chris Cornell, Dave Grohl, Patti Rothberg
Other instruments?: My voice =)
Available for work: No
Email: jamminholm@gmail.com
Web space: myspace.com/jamieholm
Motto: I don't really have a motto. I do have some Jamie Strange advice. No one is going to do anything FOR you, or feel bad for you if you don't try. You hold your future in your own hands. Figure it out.

See Links page and Birthday Calendar for more!


Bass: Jackson P5
Amp: Ashdown 100W
Band: Christallinus (See Links)
Former bands: none
Favourite music: Roy Mitchell-Cérnandes, Stu Hamm, Showbread, Relient K, Mute Math, Radiohead.
Available for work: No
Contact: anicka@christallinus.com
Motto: I need some more coffee!!:))






Main bass: Stuart Spector 5 String
Rig/Amp: Phil Jones Bass Suitcase, Earth 250 watt Tube Amp,
Current band:
Velvet Hammer Band
Available for work? Yes
First bass: Fender American Jazz
Former bands: Sidemen, John Howard Band, James Peterson Band
Status: Single
I also play accordion

Please see Links page and Birthdays Calendar for more!



Kate Hamre
Anchorage, Alaska, USA


Ann Hirschfeld
St. Louis, USA



(Sometimes I am asked, "How do you like living in Canada?")
Bass: Eminence, and a Strunel
Amp: Acoustic Image
Strings: Tomastik
Band: Bearfoot (See Links)
Former bands: I have been in numerous bands locally in Anchorage. Anchorage is a pretty small city musically speaking, so it was always a different combination of musicians that would come up with a band name for the night.
Favourite musicians: Tim O'Brien, Darrol Scott, Del McCoury, Alison Krauss, Dirk Powell, Caleb Klauder
Other instruments? I play the fiddle and guitar, but not very well
Birthday: See Birthdays Calendar
Motto: I like Easter colors.




a.k.a. Olota Luv
Basses: Fender Precision Bass, Paul Reed Smith
Equipment: Ampeg V-4B tube amp, Fender Cabinet with two 15" speakers. They were made for each other.
Bands: The Misses, String Buzz
Former bands: Rude Pets, Fun and Anguish, Plaid Cattle, Long Pig, Whitey, Pelvic Girdles, Tinhorn, Mothra's Mutha.
Favourite musicians/bands: Right now I'll just list my favorite bass players: John Entwistle, Chris Squire, Bruce Thomas, Sara Lee, Leland Sklar, John McVie, Mike Martin (my good friend that I have been in several bands with).
Other instruments? Martin 6-string, Rogers drums
Birthday: See Birthdays Calendar
Available for work? Yes! in St. Louis area
Email: annolota@aol.com
Web: myspace.com/missesolotaluv
Motto: Floor it 'til you hear glass break!

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