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Please welcome our


Caisa T. from Sweden!


Please welcome our


Caisa T. from Sweden!


  Caisa T. 
Malmoe, Sweden

See Links for a link to Caisa's band   Basses: Ibanez SR 1005, SR 500, SR 20th anniversary bass
Equipment: EBS
Band: Calaisa
Favourite music: Sheryl Crow, Joni Mitchell, Foo Fighters
Other instruments? Guitar, vocals, drums
Available for work? No
Email: caisa@calaisa.com
Web: myspace.com/calaisacaisa, myspace.com/calaisamusic
Motto: Nothing's impossible!
  See Birthday Calendar and Who Plays What also!

 Tamasine Thompson
Northampton, England

 Abi Tyler
Cambridge, England

 Ann-Mari Thomas
Woking, Surrey, England

Main bass: Washburn 
Main rig: Ashdown head, homemade 18" and 15" speaker combo 
Current band:
Northey Girls 
Former band: none
Favourite bands: Mudvayne, Tool, Smashing Pumpkins
Birthday: 3 February
Available for work: Yes 
MSN IM: tamasine1872@hotmail.com
AIM: tamasine1872@aol.com
Contact: 07950 929193
Main bass: Westfield Stingray copy
Main rig: Peavey Max 115
Current band:
Strawberry Shortblade
Former band(s): none
Favourite bands: The Offspring, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Ramones
Available for work: no


Main bass: Daisy Rock Heartbreaker
Main rig: Carlsboro Cobra K115
Current band:
The Unruly Mops
Former bands: Wingspan, The Tease, Cactus Jack, Quantum, CliveLive, 6Appeal, Steerforth, Adrenalin Brothers.
Available for work: Yes


 Preeti Torul 
Toronto, Ontario, Canada





Where were you born Preeti?
Enfield, London, England

Do you come from a musical family?
Not musical but artistic. My mother is an illustrator and my father is a poet.

What was your very first stage appearance?
When I was kid in grade school concerts as a dancer and singer - as a bass-player was playing backup for a Motown style singer in Toronto. It was small show but it was great to play.

Which bassist do you most admire?
It's a toss up between Meshell N'Degeocello and Prince. Meshell has this raw energy and the ability to make the bass sound melodic and aggressive at the same time. I remember watching her music videos when I was thirteen and being like 'Who is that girl? How can she play like that?' Prince is not known for being a bass player, but his style of songwriting makes it incredibly fun to play his bass parts and listen to his arrangements.

Tell us about your gear.
I play two basses. My practice bass is my Conrad '70s-style P-Bass.  It's a Japanese made bass and it is a knock off, but it plays so well. My performance bass is a Fender Jazz Bass - Mexican Series. Rig - Peavy.

Are you currently with a band?
I currently am spending a lot of time on song-writing and practicing. In the in between times, I jam with local musicians around Toronto.

Apart from Canada, which countries have you played in?
USA and Great Britain

"Music is a part of me, there is nothing that makes me happier than playing good music. I would love to tour with a band soon and hoping to meet a lot of great musicians along the way".

 Kimberly Tweedy
Altoona, PA, USA

 Chiara A. T.
Bari, Italy

 Sara T
Raleigh, USA

Main bass: Daisy Rock Rock Candy
Main rig: Gallien-Krueger Combo
Current band:
Available for work: Yes



Bass: Yamaha RBX 374
Equipment: Laney Hardcore
Band: Maneaters
Former band: JK Crew
Favourite bands: Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Garbage
Birthday: See Birthdays Calendar
Available for work: No
Web: myspace. com/300498823
www. myspace. com/maneatersspace


Main bass: Musicman Stingray
Rig/Amp: Mesa Boogie
Available for work? Yes
First bass: Vintage 74 Fender P Bass
Former bands: Common Ground-Detroit
Favourite bands: Currently, Fair to Midland, 10 years,
Tool, APC, Queen
I love to sing! I also play principle
flute/piccolo in a symphony and play piano and tenor saxophone.

 Midus Terruta-Guerreiro
Lisbon, Portugal


Midus, what was your very first stage appearance?
At age 12 with my first band in Moita, Portugal

Do you come from a musical family?
No, although my mother, my aunt and my grand parents were all good singers

Which bassist do you most admire?
Jaco Pastorius but there's also others, my favourite session bass player is Nathan East.

Tell us about your instruments/amp/gear?
Most of my 5 string basses are custom made by JP and Zoot,  I also use a 5 string Alembic Orion (great sounding bass) and my Fender '64 Jazz bass goes everywhere with me. I also use Marshall Amplification and my favourite strings are Rotosound (I use Nickel 665LDN, long scale, gauge 130)

You work mostly as a session-musician - who have you played with?
Anne Clark, MelanieC, Hugh Cornwell, Tanita Tikaram, Brian Ferry and others

What are your hobbies outside music?
Gardening, keep fit, DIY.

What is your latest project?
Bass on 2 tracks on Anne Clark's next new album, out in October 08

"Hope to see you all sometime somewhere around the world, in the near future!" - Midus

 Amy Tung
Santa Monica, California, USA


Please see Birthdays Calendar and Links page - Ed.







Amy, where were you born?
Taipei, Taiwan

Do you come from a musical family?
Not really, my older sister played the piano, but that's it.

What was your very first stage appearance?
I was probably 4 or 5. It was a piano recital. I played second and had a really hard time sitting still for the rest of the recital.

Which bassist do you most admire?
I don't think I have any particular bassist I admire the most. There are so many great players who's styles are so different. I think I learn a little something from every bass player I see.

Tell us about your instruments?
I have a few basses. I play mainly my '83 Rickenbacker (my first bass) and my Fender Jazz.

. . . your amps and equipment?
It's taken a while for me to settle on something, and I think it'll probably be a life long experiment to get the right sound because I doubt I'll ever be completely satisfied with my tone, but currently I have an '82 Ampeg MTI, a '69 Ampeg 8x10, MXR Bass Distortion DI, Digitech Synthwah and a Crybaby Bass Wah

. . . and your current band?

What other bands have you played with?
I play guitar in The Trinkets and played bass with Ladysmith and Phantom Blue.

What is your favourite music genre?
Again, I don't think I have a favourite. I grew up playing classical piano and have a really deep seeded love for that. I studied Jazz in school and play loud hard rock in my band.

What are your hobbies outside music?
I love to cook. I'm currently starting a food business with my boyfriend!

Do you play other instruments?
Piano, flute, guitar

What is your band's latest CD/album?
'We Are HDR'

Motto: Keep the rock alive!!


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