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 Heike "Shenouk" Müller
Düsseldorf, Germany

 Antonella Mazza
Milano, Italy


 Sylvia Maessen
Nigtevecht, Netherlands

Main bass: Fender Precision 1976 butterscotch
Rig: Ampeg SVT & Ampeg Box 8x10 (1967)
Current band(s):
Garstic, Alice in Wonderbra, Take off
Former band(s): Rake, Travis Walk, Diary
Favourite bands: Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble, System of a Down, Slade
Available for work: No

Website: Please see Links page

  Main bass: Warwick Streamer 5 strings
Current band:
Birthday: 3 june
Available for work? Yes

Website: Please see Links page




Main bass: Upright double bass “Mirecourt”
Rig: Roland
Current band(s):
Alice in Dixieland (See Links page), Fuego Latino, Swing Sister Swing, Nigunim, Wiener Tradition, Trio Doriacci
Available for work: Yes, always
Birthday: 18 December


   Alexandra Marko  

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Do you come from a musical family Alexandra?
Yes, my grandma was touring through Europe, playing the zither and other relatives were also playing in bands. Besides that, there were some painters in my family

What was your very first stage appearance?
The very first one was with about eight when I was learning to play the piano, the concert was in a town hall and I know I was pretty nervous. I studied classical guitar and changed to bass -  it happened during the recording of an LP that I was asked to play the bass, and I loved it.

Which bassist do you most admire?
Mmh,  difficult to say, the first that comes to my mind is Billy Sheehan, Tim Stevens, Victor Wooten, .... ooh there are so many.

Tell us about your instruments/amp/gear?
At the moment I love to play my Yamaha 5-string but I have a modified Fender 4-string too. I play a Marshall top with Ampeg boxes and I seldom use some effects, prefer using my fingers.

. . . and your current band?
It is called mcb and I've been playing with that band for about 15 years now. I played with a funk band, some blues, and still do when they have no bass player, and was hired for recordings.

What are your hobbies outside music?
All my other 'jobs' are my hobbies too, so I work for an ice-hockey team, for motorbike teams, then there's my garden, and I like travelling, mental trainings, rituals, and and and . . .

Have you performed outside Austria?
Yes, was on a bike cruise with my band and I was at different places in Europe.

What is your latest CD/album?
Our latest album is called 'give it up',  kinda pop song stuff

Your own personal web space?
You'll find me in myspace.com/alexandramarko

Do you have a message for people who will read this?
Without faith, nothing is possible ~ with faith, nothing is impossible.

 Amy Munoz
Tucson, Arizona, USA


 Danijela Ana Moric
Zagreb, Croatia

 Camilla Missio
Bologna , Italy

03 June 2008

Dear Editor,

Listen Douche, you guys are so unorganized I get spammed by you, and it's ridiculous you can't get your shit together, you have to send out 3 or 4 e-mails. I'm a professional, I work tons of hours and am sleep deprived from gigs- so get it together D -bag - plus you represent a tough and no bullshit clientel- get it together!

Amy Munoz

  Main bass: Fender Precision
Main rig: Trace Elliot
Current band:
Nikad Dosta (Never Enough)
Former band: Harem
Favourite bands: Toto, Police, Iron Maiden, The Dave Weckl Band
Birthday: 24 July
Available for work: Yes
Skype: danijela.ana.moric1
  Main bass: Fender Jazz 5, Warwick streamer 4, Steinberger electric Double Bass
Main rig: Mark Bass
Current band:
Andrea Mingardi, Led Female Tribute, Siluet, Village Big Band
Former band(s): Orchestras working on national TV (RAI & Mediaset), Paola Turci
Favourite bands: Police, Tribal Tech, Tower of Power
Available for work: No

 Jay McAleney
Glasgow, Scotland


 Regina Malloy
Metro Atlanta, USA

 Maria J. S. Maningo
Cebu, Philippines

Main bass: Musicman Stingray 3-band EQ
Main rig: Hartke Amplification & boss FX pedals
Current bands:
Scantastic, Space Mission, The Knights of Ni
Former bands: Dormant, Hall of Mirrors, Sharon Kaighin Band
Favourite bands: Led Zeppelin, Funkadelic, Jaco Pastorius
Birthday: 7th September
Available for work: Yes (Session Musician)
Contact (and MSN IM):
Web: myspace.com/jademcaleneymusic
  Main bass: 5 string Ibanez Soundgear
First bass: 4 string Fender Squire
Rig: Peavey
Current band:
Birthday: Sept 19
I also play: Drums
Available for work? Possibly


Main bass: Fender Jazz
Main rig:  Any
Current band: none
Former band(s): Tweakz n' Reverbz
Favourite bands: Police, Outfield, Led Zeppelin
Available for work: Yes


 Sophia Marie
Sydney, NSW, Australia

Contact: sophiamariesmusic@gmail.com
Web: myspace.com/sophiamariesmusic

Where were you born?
I was born August 21, 1974 east of the bay area in a little town called, Pittsburg, which is located in the northern part of California. It was considered a very small town, but as small towns grow, Pittsburg has now became a major hub for commuters who work in San Francisco.

Do you come from a musical family?
Yes, I actually do. It all stems from my Grandmother, Adele. She was a professional organist who eventually became a music teacher. She always amazed me by the countless number of instruments that she could play. My mom, Mary, who is no longer with us, she played the piano since age 5 and also flute and piccolo. One of my cousins is a dance teacher and the other has always had some kind of connection to the music industry. She plays instruments as well and sings. I do not have anything to tell about my father's side of the family as I didn't know them well.

What was your very first stage appearance?
My mom got me into dancing and singing at a very young age. My first performance must have been when I was around 4 or 5 yrs old because I have pictures of that time period. I have since then, performed on stage many times. Mostly growing up I did school band concerts or dance performances. These days, I perform on stage with my band, singing and playing my bass guitar.

Which bassist do you most admire?
Well, I really hadn't given it much thought before I became a bass guitarist, but recently, I got an opportunity to see Cliff Burton from Metallica on a You Tube video and was amazed. If I were to idol any bass player it would have to be him.

Tell us about your gear.
I have only been playing bass for about 3 years and the first year of my playing was when I was 17 and the last two years have been just recently as I decided to pick it up again and found out that I have a gift for writing music. Since I discovered my talent for writing songs, I haven't stopped playing. I currently, use a Line 6 Lowdown 300 watt amp with a Corvette Red Yamaha Bass.

Tell us about your current band.
My current band has only been with me for about two months and we are hitting Sydney very hard on the gigging side of things. Like I said early, I haven't been playing for years and its taken me a very long time to find a band who is committed.

What is your latest CD/album?
I currently have two singles done, one is available on ITunes Music Store called, "Got you Twisted" and the other will be available very soon called, "Set Me Free". I am flying back to Perth August 2008 to finish recording my debut album titled, "Twisted" and hopefully will have it distributed by next year. Of course, once the album is done, it will be available to download via the internet.

Your birthday?
My birthday is August 21st 1974. I am a Leo, but because my birthday is so close to Virgo I am also a cuspian Leo/Virgo. I am also the year of the Tiger in the Chinese Zodiac.

"Never never ever ever give up on a dream. Never ever let fear get in the way and never let any dream killers stand in your way".

 Rhia Elizabeth Moulds
Melbourne, Australia


 AJ McLean
Adelaide, South Australia


 Missi Myatt
Dallas, Texas, USA

Main bass: Fender Jazz
Main rig: Gallien Krueger/Peavey
Current band:
Taste The Venom
Favourite bands: Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Arctic Monkeys, Led Zepellin
Available for work: Yes
myspace.com/thescowlers; myspace.com/reeehab

  Main bass: BC Rich Warlock
Main rig: Peavey Black Widow
Current band:
Former band(s): Backslider, Feed The Elephant, ElementOneTwelve, Remones
Favourite bands: Slipknot, Cradle of Filth, Marilyn Manson
Available for work: Yes
Web: myspace.com/amclean666
Main bass: Hamer Slammer short scale
Main rig: Behringer BX1200
Current band: ya!ya
Favourite bands: Indigo Girls, Melissa Etheridge, Joan Jett
Available for work: Yes
Contact: missimyatt@sbcglobal.net

  Brenda Martin 
Buenos Aires, Argentina


   Caterina Mozzi 
Piacenza, Italy


 Carol Moxley
Texas, USA

Main bass: Yamaha BBG5a
Main rig: Gallien-Krueger 400 W - Hartke
Current band:
Eruca Sativa (Rock), Torax (Fusion)
Favourite bands: Primus, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, System Of a Down
Available for work: yes - (I like travel!)




Gear: Gibson Thunderbird, Mark Bass Clubseries 450w tube head; Mark Bass Clubseries 150w Speaker
Favourite bands: Led Zeppelin, Mars Volta, Kyuss
Available for work: No






Instruments: My main axe is a Yamaha TRB1004
Equipment: dbx 166xl into a Fender Bassman 250 for most gigs
Current bands:
Elxir, Church Chix
Former bands: Easy Street, GD Serfs, Mac Attack, The Zonians
Favourite bands: Heart, Zeppelin, The Who, Pink Floyd, Cream....The good ol' hard stuff mostly.
Contact: onbass07@gmail.com
Available for work: Maybe
Web space:

"I plan to keep playing until I wear my axe out!"

 Autumn Martini
Fort Lauderdale, FL., USA

Where were you born?
St. Petersburg

Do you come from a musical family?

What was your very first stage appearance?
my livinig room

Which bassist do you most admire?
I like m' all

Tell us about your gear.
Mesa Boogie 400, Spector Euro

What's your current band.
The Martinis is a loud bunch of misfit rock n rollers that basically makes it up as they go. Spook house is the electric side of Martini.

What other bands have you played with?
Paradise Alley,  Jake Thomas, Antigone Rising

Apart from USA which countries have you played in?
I have yet to travel across the pond

Your own personal website?

Email: ibenez@aol.com




 Andrea McGinnis
Ottawa, Canada




Gear: JTB-402 ¾ and Peavey Max 110
Current band: none
Available for work? Yes
First bass: Ibanez
Favourite band: Beastie Boys
Favourite place: British Columbia
My hero: Sean Yseult
I also play guitar, piano, viola and sing!



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