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Liz Burke
Chicago, USA
  Muriel B.
Aalst, Belgium

Oriana Barbato
Toronto, Canada

Bass: Early '80s Squier Bullet
Amp: Peavey TNT
Band: 8 Inch Betsy
Former band: The Inpatients
Favourite music: Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Paul Simon, Bright Eyes, Pariah Piranha, Pixies, Tender Forever, Heart, Moldy Peaches, Neko Case, Joan Jett...just to name a few!
Other instruments? I'm a pretty good whistler.
Available for work: No
Email: 8inchbetsy@gmail.com
Web: myspace. com/8inchbetsy

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Bass: Cort C4, ambition to buy a Fender Jazz bass
Equipment: Ashdown 100 W and Behringer 300 W
Band: Use The Local Boy. We used to be a girl-band with just one boy in it, we were using the local boy in our band! The name sounded nice too, and at some gigs there were guys who claimed to be the local boy, so we let them carry our amplifiers!
Former band: TYOP
Favourite musicians/bands: Queens Of The Stone Age, The Cure, Kyuss, Melissa Auf Der Maur
Other instruments? double bass, guitar, drums
Birthday: See Birthdays Calendar
Available for work: No
Web: myspace.com/intometalwithyou
Motto: Bassists always are the hottest!
Bass: Musicman Stingray
Equipment: Peavey TKO 115
Band: Santerias (See Links)
Former bands: Candy Twins, Mexican Standoff.
Favourite music genre: Funk, Trip Hop.
Favourite bands: Jaco Pastorius, King Crimson, Air
Other instruments? Guitar, Tablas, Kena
Birthday: See Birthdays Calendar
Email: orianabarbato@gmail.com
Web: myspace.com/obarbato
Motto: "If you're going through hell, keep going."



 Bylle Baringer
Munich, Germany

"Music has opened a coloured world to me and makes my life full of happenings, adventures and friendships. To be a musician is sometimes hard, but you can have a interesting life, meet very different people. To perform on stage and feel the energy of music is the greatest for me. Never be shy or afraid to make your way with music!" - Bylle


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Bylle, where were you born?
I was born in “Landsberg am Lech”, 60 km south/west of Munich, Germany.

Do you come from a musical family?
No, not at all. Nobody in my family has anything to do with music except my father, singing in the church ;O). As a teenager I loved listening to “hard rock” music and now I groove as well on R´n´B and soul. After school I wanted to study art because I loved drawing. But money had to be made, so I had to start an apprenticeship in an office.

What was your very first stage appearance?
I started with over 20 learning my instruments. And I became fanatic. Even my passion for motorcycling faded! Believe it or not, one year later I had my first gigs! I played bass and acoustic guitar in a duet, doing background music for actors who read poems on stage for a live audience. Later on I played with a few rock cover-bands and enlarged my experience as a bassist. My professional career began with the well-known Munich girlsband “Electric Ladyland”. They asked me to join them and that was really the start of real band-feeling. We had a lot of live-concerts and we performed many times on TV. We worked intensively together by composing our own songs. We produced the CD “112 beats”. It was a really great time for me.

Which bassist do you most admire?
I loved to see TM Stevens on stage, I'm impressed by Flea with his freaky way, Marcus Miller, Stanley Clarke and Piotr Cichewicz.

Tell us about your instruments/amp/gear?
Since 3 years I use Status Series II, headless, from the 80s. I like this bass guitar because of its clear big sound and it has a superb action one of the best I have come across. I started playing with a Warwick Dolphin II and I would not give it away, because it's also very special.
My bass amp is an Mark Bass Little Mark II, cabinets are 2x10 and 1x15, also of Mark Bass.

. . . and your current musical projects?
Currently I'm playing in three bands: The ladies rock-band Wildcats with international musicians, Gaslight, (rock & blues trio) and my exciting new project Daisy Ultra. This is the kind of band I always wanted to be a part of, four powerful women, who have love for music, a talent for their instrument and know how to tear up a stage (tour: 2009)!

Apart from Electric Ladyland, what other bands have you played with?
The last 2 years I was a member of Mickey Monroe Band (rock-singer & songwriter), played with Dena & Band, which was a collective project with German lyrics. I was part of projects like the Grand Prix Eurovision 2007 in Bulgaria with Tedi Katzarova and I'm constantly playing with different rock, RnB and soulbands.

What are your hobbies outside music?
I love art, nature, reading and travelling. I also have a talent for computers and make professional web-design for businesses.

Have you performed outside Germany and Bulgaria?
Yes, around Europe like Austria and Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium and Italia.

What is your latest CD/album?
Bavaria's thrilling Gaslight - first Gaslight CD - “Gaslight Road No I” 2008. Dena & Band debut album "Lebe deinen Traum“ (Live Your Dreams) 2006 and Electric Ladyland's album “112 Beats” in 2004.

 Sabrina Barlow  (AKA Syan)
London, England

   Corralee Booth (Eve Hell)
Calgary, Canada
   Miranda Bradshaw
Glasgow, Scotland
Main bass: Warwick Vampyre Darklord
First bass: Westone Thunder
Rig: Warwick TubePath 10.1 with Warwick Neodyme cabs
Current band:
Favourite bands: Ulver, Anathema, Slowdive, Katatonia, Future sound of
London and At the Gates
Website: Please see Links page
MySpace: myspace.com/syan7
  Main bass: King doublebass
Main rig: MesaBoogie walkabout/ Two 1X12 powerhouse cabs.
Current band:
Former band(s): Plan9, Dynarouge, Dragonfly, Little Voodoo, Liquid Heather and a few more I barely remember.
Favourite bands: Stray Cats, Audio Slave, Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards
Available for work: Yes
  Main bass: Ibanez Axestar
Rig: Hartke VX3500
Current band:
Former band: The Sulphur Children
Favourite bands: Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, Carcass
Available for work: No
Website: Please see Links page

 Wendy Brents
San Francisco, USA

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Where were you born?
Alhambra, California, USA

Do you come from a musical family?
Not really.. my mom has a great voice though!

What was your very first stage appearance?
I started playing parties at 13 and clubs at 23

Which bassist do you most admire?
God.. so many, Les Claypool, Joe Lally, Eric Avery, Kim Gordon, Kim Deal

Tell us about your gear.
I love my set-up! Theres absolutely NOTHING I would change except for maybe a '72 p-bass ;o) Gallien Kruger rb800 w/ ampeg 8x10 cab

Tell us about your current band.
I have two, Excuses For Skipping and The Bruises. Excuses For Skipping is an all girl shoegaze/indie/new wave-ish band. The Bruises are just straight up fun poppy rock and roll!

What other bands have you played with?
Leopold and his Fiction, The Cartographers

What is your latest CD/album?
Excuses For Skipping/Out Of Work Early and The Bruises/Connected

Do you have a webspace?
myspace.com/xcuses4skipping and myspace.com/thebruises

 Adeline Baud-Angevin
Bordeaux, France
 Nicole Badila
Frankfurt, Germany

   Terilynn Bench
Santa Cruz, California, USA
Main bass: Hohner B2A
Rig: Laney RBG400 Bass Combo
Current band:
Murky Zone
Former band(s):
Favourite bands: Suicidal Tendencies, Metallica, Fishbone...
Birthday: 19 May
Contact: doul77@hotmail.fr
Website: Please see Links page
MySpace: myspace.com/adlinalabass
  Main bass: 6 string Max, Human Base
Rig: Glockenklang Bass Art, Duo 2 x 10, Uno 1 x 15
Current bands: New Brasiljazz Project,
Fayoum Blue
Favourite bands: BrazilianJazzFusionFunk
Available for work: Yes
Web: myspace.com/nicolebadila
  Main bass: Traben Torrent 5-string
Main rig: Genz-Benz GBE600 and Genz Benz NeoX 212T
Current band:
Tellus 818
Former band(s): Hazerfan, Swing and a Miss, Intuition, Lynx
Favourite bands: Green Day, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Depeche Mode
Available for work: Yes
Web: myspace.com/trabenchick

 Irene Batista
Panama, Central America

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Where were you born?
Panama, Republic of Panama

What was your very first stage appearance?
With my first band, Bocanegra, in a local festival, here in Panama, around 1997

Which bassist do you most admire?
Michael manring, Victor Wooten, Brenda Martin (thanks to this website i heard of her! wow!), Steve DiGiorgio, etc.

Tell us about your instruments/amp/gear?
I have three basses, a Fender Precision, a BC Rich Innovator and a Cort GB34, all 4 strings. I play through a Hartke HA5000 head and Hartke 410TP cabinet. I also
have a Hartke A70

What bands have you played with?
Reyerta and Bocanegra and now with Rencilla

What are your hobbies outside music?
I am an architect and i like to read a lot, play music, listen to music and go to shows.

Have you performed outside Panama?
Yes, in Costa Rica.

What is your latest CD/album?
10 años hardcore: Solo los fuertes sobreviven (10 years of hardcore: Only the strong survive)

Do you have your own webspace?
Yes, myspace.com/ireneonly

"Just keep rocking...specially Latin American female bass players!" ~ Irene

 Kat Bax
London, England


 Sara Benoy
Hudson, Wisconsin, USA


 Nancy Boutilier  
Oberlin, Ohio, USA

Main bass: Maverick S-4 (Nemesis Series)
Main rig: Ampeg B100R combo.
Current band: None
Favourite bands: Symphony X, David Bowie, Guns and Roses.
Available for work: Yes
Web: myspace.com/katbaxmusic


Main bass: Fender Precision Deluxe
Main rig: Jordan half stack
Current band:
Falling Word and solo
Former band(s): Riverside Avenue, The Bootleggers
Favourite bands: REO Speedwagon, U2, Queen
Available for work: Yes
Web: myspace.com/sarabenoy


Main bass: Fender Precision Lyte
Main rig: Fender Bassman
Current band:
Available for work: Yes
Web: myspace.com/nancyboutilier


 Stacey Burcher
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

 Soňa Balážová
Nová Dubnica, Slovakia

   Karla Brazel
Tipperary, Ireland
Main bass: 1984 & 1986 G&L SB1
Main rig: GK 800RB head & GK 4x10" cab
Current band: none
Former band: Oubliette, Foxfire, Damage Report
Favourite bands: Prince, L7, Betty Blowtorch
Available for work: Yes
Web: myspace.com/shepower
  Main bass: Rock bass Corvette (Warwick copy)
Rig: Behringer 120w
Current band:
The Revenge
Favourite bands: White Stripes, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, System of a Down, Foo fighters
  Main Bass: Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray
Current Band:
The Blonde Majority
Favourite Bands: The Strokes, Sonic Youth, The Cure
Available for work: Yes
Web: myspace.com/theblondemajority
Myspace: myspace.com/karlabrazel

 Amy Brandt
Los Angeles, USA

 Natalie Blackburn
Hockley, England

   Nille Bay
Hampen, Denmark
Main bass: 1977 Fender Jazz
First Bass: Fender P-bass copy
Rig: Nemesis by Eden
Current band:
Former bands: Piss Ant, Clay, Chelsea Hotel, Thieves & Lovers, Breaker
Favorite Bands: Heart, Evanescence, Soundgarden, STP, Rush, Led Zeppelin
Birthday, February 3
I also play: Piano
Available for work: Yes
Website: Please see Links page
Myspace: myspace.com/claysongs
  Main bass: Yamaha TRB1006 6-string & Cort Action Bass V 5-string
Rig: 300 watt Marshall custom amp, 600watt Ashdown custom cab.
Current band:
In The Pipeline
Former band: Sammy
Favourite bands: Reel Big Fish, The Dykeenies, and Dream Theater
Available for work: Yes
  Main bass: Samick
Current band:
The Point Of No Return
Favourite bands: KoRn, Murderdolls, The Changing, KISS, Sex Pistols and Misfits
Birthday: 11th January
I also play: Guitar, keyboard and I sing.
Available for work: No

 Victoria Beard
Melbourne, Australia
 Lauren (Loz) Bennett
Isle Of Wight, Great Britain
   Teresa Brancia
Milan, Italy
Main bass: Ibanez Soundgear 5000 custom
Rig: Hartke HA3500 350 Watts; 4x10 Speaker
Current band:
Favourite bands: John Butler Trio, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Victor Wooten
Available for work: No
Contact: 0432 492 105
Main bass: Toby Tobias
Main rig: Tracy Elliot Combo with Line 6 pod, pedal and radio pack
Current band:
Helen Keller
Former band(s): Junction 21 Showband 
Favourite bands: Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Opeth, Gogol Bordello
Available for work: yes
Contact: lozzyisblonde@yahoo.com
  Main bass: white Music Man
Main rig: Mark Bass amp
Current band:
Former band(s): Bambole di Pezza, Louche
Favourite bands: Blur, The Beatles, Black Eyed Peas
Available for work: No
Web: n/a







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