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 Anke Sobek
Hannover, Germany


 Linda Scheffel
Purmerend, Netherlands


 Tonya Skwira
Southampton, USA

Main Bass: Dean Zone Bass
Main rig: Amp: Trace Elliot, Box: Rocktron 6x12er
Current band:
Nikki Puppet
Former band: Schierling
Favourite bands: Queen, Beatles, Rage
Available for work: Yes
basspueppi@gmx.de, nikkipuppet@gmx.de
  Main bass: Fender Jazzbass American Deluxe 5-string
First bass: Ibanez Soundgear
Birthday: 12 April
Hyves: lindalowb.hyves.nl/

Website: Please see Links page


  Main bass: Spector Rex4
Main rig: Hartke
Current band: 
Sanity is Chaos  

Website: Please see Links page


 Emsal Salik
Istanbul, Turkey


 Angeline Saris
San Francisco, USA


 Suzanne Sterne
New York, USA

Main Bass: Tobias Killer B5
First Bass: Yamaha
Rig: Boss TU-2 Chromatic Stompbox Tuner, Tech 21 / SansAmp Programmable Bass ; Laney RB2 Richter Bass Guitar Amp Combo, Laney RB410 250W Bass Cabinet
Current band:
Lackawanna Soul & Blues Band
Former bands: Soul Track, Stand4, Carbonmonroe, Kashmir, Karma
Favourite bands: Audioslave, Deep Purple, Brand New Heavies
Birthday: 16 September
I also play piano
Available for work: Yes
Web: myspace.com/emsalbass

  Main bass: Sadowsky NYC 5-string
Main rig: Eden Traveller 550/Eden D410 XLT (proudly Endorsed By Eden)
Current band:
Flametal, Cuban Cowboys, Jesse Brewster Band, Greg Scott Band, L.A.E.
Former band(s): Doom Patrol, Surreal, Jazz Roots Trio, Brad Wolfe, HYIM, Medusa Pound, Buckaroo Bonet y los Tres Borrachos, Sugarcats, Krickie, Duyuvuduu.
Favourite bands: Headhunters, Graham Central Station, Flecktones
Available for work: Yes


Main bass: MTD 5 sting, Roland PK-5 Bass Pedals
Main rig: Ampeg SVT Classic, Acoustic 4x15, Ampeg 8X10
Current band: Ruby Bullet 
Former band: Sexdigital
Available for work: No

Website: Please see Links page




   Vivi Suárez  
Medellín, Colombia


 Melanie Sanders
The Woodlands, Texas, USA


 Vicky Smith
Brighton, England

Main bass: Ibanez SR 305DX, Contrabajo Greco 4/4
Rig: SWR
Current band:
Former band(s): Lamat (Música Andina Colombiana), Lilith (rock alternativo)
Favourite artists: Ceratti, Fito Paez, Radiohead, Dani Siciliano
Available for work: no
visugar02 @ hotmail.com

  Ernie Ball Musicman Bongo
Main rig: Ampeg BA-115 combo amp
Current band: None currently.
Favourite bands: Dream Theater, King's X and Rush
Available for work: Yes
  Main bass: American Fender Precision
Main rig: Ashdown EB150 Combo
Current band:
Will 'Harmonica' Wilde & Bernie Macdonald
Former bands: AKA, McQueen and Champagne On Ice
Favourite bands: RHCP, Incubus, Led Zeppelin
Available for work: yes

 Katrin Schmitz
Cambrai, France

Katrin with Popa Chubby


Where were you born Katrin?
I was born in Bückeburg, a small town of about 10000 inhabitants in Northern Germany

Do you come from a musical family?
Yes, you could say so. My mom played the piano every day when I was a child; singing along with it is among my first memories. Today I am married to a guitar player and our son plays the bass, too

What was your very first stage appearance?
I started modelling at the age of 6 (yep! no kidding!), so being on stage never was difficult or "exciting". My first "band" gig was probably an acoustic guitar duo; we were comping the kids from a local school.

Which bassist do you most admire?
That must be Oteil Burbridge. There are so many great bass players out there, but the one that sticks out like a sore thumb is Oteil!

Tell us about your gear.
I am lucky to have the complete deal of my dreams - strings, bass and backline are what I always wished for - and I am dealing with the companies directly. The bass is a Sandberg California PM4 Custom Shop. It's one of a kind, MY bass, and it sounds like no other instrument I ever played. it comes with a "Jazz" style neck, a P and a MM pickup plus a pretty lightweight body. Just what I need. I use Pyramid Pure Nickel 40-100 exclusively.
Behind me, there's a TEC AMP Tiger 600 W Top on a TEC AMP 2*12 cab. This combination does the trick on stage; big enough to be heared by everyone, small enough for gigs in small clubs. They are doing things the right way at TEC AMP, and they voiced the Direct Out to sound like my actual Rig. The dude at the mixing table gets MY sound: top plus 2*12 the way I like it.

Tell us about your current band.
The Electric Church is among the very few jam bands out here in Europe. We are oscillating between blues, southern rock and psychedelic stuff. A classic line up with two guitars, bass and drums; I do most of the singing by now, and I honestly love the energy that radiates from the band. We're good, when we're good!

What other bands have you played with?
The one band I played before was named "Sunday 16" (we formed on a Sunday, 16th of February. Just a brit-pop and cover outfit :o(

Apart from your own, which countries have you played in?
I live in France and I played in France, England, Belgium and Germany so far.

What is your latest CD/album?
The Electric Church released "BABELFISH" in October 2007 on the "Tribal Stomp" label. Check our website or last.fm for a quick listen before you buy the CD.

Do you have a message for people who will read this?
Spend less time on the net and more on stage :o)

 Betsey Stephens
Hollywood, CA, USA


 Kay Stanton
Athens, Georgia, USA


 Janelle Nell E Bean Sweeney
Ipswich Qld , Australia

Main bass: Rickenbacker
Main rig: Ampeg Classic/Ampeg SVT 3PRO
Current band: None
Former band(s): Bitches Brew, Mistress of Reality, Dark House, This is a Cry for Help, Osiris, Domination
Favourite bands: Opeth, Sabbath, Ozric Tentacles
Available for work: Yes
Contact: bshway@yahoo.com
Web: myspace.com/betseystephens
  Main bass: Gibson Grabber G3
Rig: Galleon Krueger 400 + GK 4x10" cabinet
Current band:
Casper & the Cookies, FFFM
Former bands: Aromatic, Feyerabend, The Zookeeper's Wife
Favourite bands: Flaming Lips, Sonic Youth, Plastic Ono Band
Available for work: No

Website: Please see Links page

  Main bass: Romanian Imported Bass
Main rig: Hartke V3500 4 X 10” and an Ashton 15” Sub
Current band:
The BobKats
Favourite bands: Brandi & The Badcats; Horrorpops; Lee Rocker
Available for work: Yes

Website: Please see Links page

 Debbie Seymour
Hartford, CT, USA


 Becki Schmidtbauer
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


 Kyle Rose Stokes
Tempe, USA

Main bass: Warwick Thumb Bleached Blonde Limited Edition
Main rig: Gallien-Kruger 700RB ll through SWR Goliath Jr lll 
Current band: 
Dirt (playing lead guitar)
Former bands: Broadband, Sister Funk, Neon, Lick That
Favourite bands: Dio, Metallica,  Whitesnake
Available for work: Yes

Website: Please see Links page

  Main bass: Schecter
Main rig: Ampeg b4r amp/ ampeg 4x10 & 1x15 speakers
Current band:
Former band(s): u.k.i., karma, black valentine, aftershock, Red reign, plod, knight angel
Favourite bands: van halen, into eternity, tool
Available for work: yes
Web: myspace.com/beckibadgirl


Gear: Ampeg B2R head and Ampeg 4X10
Current band:
The Dames and The Love Me Nots
Available for work? No
First bass: Peavey T-40
First band: Three Dogs and a Cat
Favourite band: Neil Young
Favourite place: Ljubljana, Slovenia
I also play piano, trumpet, upright bass, baritone, alto sax, acoustic guitar

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 Kariel Celestine Sledge
Salinas, California, USA


 Marla Sutton
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA


 Ashley Syron
Michigan, USA

Basses: Daisy Rock, Washburn Lyon
Equipment: Fender Rumble 100 230W
Band: The Sledge G.R.I.T.S. Band
Favourite music genre: Country
Favourite bands: Lynyrd Skynard, Bon Jovi,Dennis Murphy, Norm Stockton, Charlie Daniels Band, Rana Ross (Vixen), Janice Marie Johnson (Taste of Honey)
Other instruments: guitar, voice, fiddle
Available for work: No
Email: wendy@gritsworld.com
Web space: myspace.com/sledgegrits
Blog: gritsworld.com/blog
Every 10,000 mile journey starts with one step.

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Basses: Fender Precision, Ibanez SG 6 string, 1974 Fender Mustang.
Equipment: Ampeg B2RE 450W, 4/10 cabinet, 15 cabinet
Current band:
Rhetoric (see Links)
Former bands: Ghecko Changes, Jack Off Jill, Apogee, Little Life Left
Favourite musicians/bands: Bootsie Collins, Flea, John Paul Jones, Blind Melon, Alice In Chains, Pixies, Sonic Youth, Parliment Funkadellic, and many more.
Other instruments: Guitar
Birthday: see Birthdays Calendar
Available for work: Yes
We can accomplish anything we want in life as long as we're willing to put one foot in front of the other.


Bass: Musicman StingRay
Equipment: Ampeg SVT-410HLF cab, Ampeg SVT-3PRO head, Boss Overdrive, Bootsy Signature Wah, Electro-Harmonix Stereo Electric Mistress.
Current band: None
Former bands: Syncretist and Happy Catastrophe. I'm big on just jammin', and I've had the honour to play around with tons of artistes of all genres.
Favourite music: Led Zeppelin, The Mars Volta, Primus, Marcus Miller, Jaco Pastorius, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Queen, Tool, Incubus (when Dirk Lance was still around), Red Hot Chili Peppers, Steve Vai
Available for work: Yes
Web: myspace. com/kinkyxxxcore
Motto: Embrace the day.





Aurora Steffens
Cologne, Germany



Bass: Yamaha RBX 270
Equipment: Digitex BP 80, Boss Overdrive ODB-3
Band: The Black Sheep
Favourite music: Muse, Opeth, In Flames, Chaka Khan, Kataklysm
Birthday: See Birthdays Calendar
Available for work: Yes
Band website: See Links page
Motto: Bassisten kommen tiefer!



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