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 Daniela Viteritti 
Huntington, New York, USA


 Charlotte Vestergaard 
Aarhus C, Denmark

 America Meri Vazquez
Chicago, USA

Main bass: Daisy Rock
Main rig: Ampeg
Current band:
Former band(s): Tragedy Ann and Caffeine
Available for work: No

  Main bass: Yamaha TRB 5
Main rig: SWR Goliath III
Current band:
Heaven Bound
Favourite bands: Sound Check, The Powells
Available for work: No

Website: Please see Links page

  Main bass: Upright
Main rig: Gallien-Krueger
Current band:
Favourite bands: King Wilkie, Old School Freight Train, Edgar Meyer
Available for work: Yes

 Cristina Verso
Los Angeles, California, USA




Cristina, where were you born?
I was born in Ridgewood, NJ in the USA. Ridgewood is about a half hour outside of New York City.

Do you come from a musical family?
Kind of, my grandmother played piano, my brother plays the drums, and both my parents were professional ballet dancers with top US ballet companies (ABT, Joffery, Metropolitan Opera, Twyla Tharp,etc)

What was your very first stage appearance?
I believe my first stage appearance was when I was about 3 years old in a ballet recital

Which bassist do you most admire?
My favorite bassists are John Taylor (Duran Duran), Simon Gallup (The Cure), Flea, Hunter Burgan (AFI), Matt Freeman (Rancid) and David J (Bauhaus/Love & Rockets)

Tell us about your gear.
I don't have a lot of gear yet. I have two basses - Fender Jazz and a 1978 Rickenbacker. I want to get an Ampeg 4x10 cabinet and some type of Ampeg SVT head in the next few months and maybe a SansAmp - and other goodies.

Tell us about your current band.
My current band is called Soda X. We play kind of post punk/new wave with some goth and punk influences. I love the music and my bandmates!

What other bands have you played with?
My former bands are: On bass: The Stalkings,  Bottlecap,  The Need....and other un-named projects. On lead vocals: The Cover-Ups and The Twi-Lites.

Your band's website?

Do you have a message for people who will read this?
Music is life. :)

 Miko Villagran
Town: North Augusta, SC, USA


 Barbara Vanoli
Tirano (Sondrio), Italia


 Sonja Van den Berg (Sonja V)
Sydney, Australia

Main bass: Fender Squier J-bass
First bass: Spencer P-bass
Rig: Fender
Current band: n/a
Former band: Model Parliament
Favourite bands: Jeremy Graham Band, Duran Duran, Metallica, Selena
Birthday: 22 November
I also play keyboard.
Available for work? maybe
Web: myspace.com/funkybasschick

Instruments: Musicman Stingray 5, Warwick Streamer Jazzman 5 Fretless
Equipment: Head: Hartke HA5000, Speakers: SWR Workings Man 2x10 and Hartke 1x15, Laney Combo 30
Current bands:
Former bands: Killawea, Escape, Maudabas, Etisia, Streghejazz
Favourite musicians/bands: Flea, Pastorius, Steve Severin / Lacuna coil, Guano Apes, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Iron Maiden..
Available for work: It depends
Horns up!
Please see Birthdays Calendar
  Main bass: '84 Jap Washburn B-5
Rig: Eden NA650 thru Trace Elliot Cabs
Current band:
Sonja V, Numerous singer songwriters
Former bands: Behind Chicken Wire, Scott Hackett,
I also play acoustic/electric guitar and sing backing vocals,
Available for work? Yes

MySpace: myspace.com/sonjav

Website: Please see Links page

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