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 Kimberly A. O'Hara
Denver, Colorado, USA
   Meeghan Oliver
Sydney, Australia
   Jennifer Jo Oberle
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Main bass: An old discontinued GX300
Main rig: Ampeg
Current band:
Remember May
Former band(s): Gozonoak Lindies, Leviticai, Maricopa Madman
Favourite bands: Muse, Imogen Heap, Coheed and Cambria
Available for work: Not usually

Main bass: Ibanez SGR 200
Rig: Gallien Kruger
Current band:
Favourite bands: Living Colour, Infectious Grooves, QOTSA
Available for work: Yes
Contact: meeghankairus@hotmail.com
Webs: myspace.com/sylphrocks

  Main bass: Fender '62 Jazz Reissue
Current band(s):
Kobie, Jen Murdza, Katrin, Mike Verge, Solo, etc.
Former band(s): Virgil Cain
Favourite bands: Sting, Foo Fighters, Madonna, Peter Gabriel
Available for work: Yes

 Wanda Ortiz
Los Angeles, California, USA

Where were you born Wanda?
Laguna Beach, California, USA

What was your very first stage appearance?
A beginning orchestra concert for parents when I was nine years old.

Which bassist do you most admire?
There are a lot of bassists I admire a lot but if I had to pick one, my answer would be Steve Harris ~ especially since I'm playing in a Maiden tribute band. :)

Tell us about your gear?
I use G&L basses, Schroeder Superior Sound Cabinets (a 4x12 and a 2x12), a BBE B-Max-T pre-amp, A QSC PLX3102 Power Amp, Rotosound strings, and Coffin Cases.

. . . and your band?
The Iron Maidens are the world's only female tribute to legendary British metal band Iron Maiden. For more info, please visit our website (see Links)

What other bands have you played with?
I've mostly worked as a freelance musician with various orchestras and chamber groups in the Southern California area. But, I've also played in a number of mostly unknown original bands, one of which featured Steph Fontaine (Uriah Heep's old singer) - that band was called Heartache City.

Apart from USA, which countries have you played in?
Bahrain, Canada, Greece, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, and Turkey. We've also played in Guam and Puerto Rico (unincorporated territories of the USA).

What is your latest CD/album?
We just released an ep in Japan called "The Route of All Evil".

"Thanks for checking out this website and supporting women in music!" - Wanda

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 Alana Orr
Woodstock, New York, USA



 Namie Osawa
Tokyo, Japan

Main bass: Custom MusicMan Stingray - 5 string
Current band:
Duchess Of Funk
Former band(s): Van Hunt
Favourite bands: P-Funk, Herbie Hancock, Led Zeppelin
Available for work: Yes

Website: Please see Links page



  Main bass: Custom made four string bass by ESP in Japan
Main rig: Ampeg SVT
Current band: none
Former band(s): Jenny Fox
Favourite bands: House of Lords, Red Dawn, Toto
Available for work: Yes


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