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 Angela (Sin) Panzarella
Rome, Italy

 Wendy Phua


 Aija Puurtinen (Honey B.)
Helsinki, Finland

Main Bass: Spector Euro 5 LX-EX
Head: Gallien-Krueger 700 RB II
Speaker: Ampeg SVT115 E (U.S.A.)
Current Band: Sins Of Forgiveness
Former bands: Synaesthesia, Arcana, Wapentak, DarkOracle, Cassandra, Clyde, Emiliano Ottaviani - Donnie
Favourite bands: Dream Theater, Rush, Iron Maiden
Available for work: Yes
Contact: sindarkness@hotmail.it
Web: myspace.com/sin_darkness




Main Bass: Zon Legacy Elite 6-string, Ibanez GWB-1 5-string fretless
Main Rig: Hartke HA4000 Amphead, Hartke 4.5 XL Cabinet, Boss GT6B, "Undark" modified Line 6 DL4, Mobius, Ableton Live, Behringer FCB1010 and half-size violin bow.
Current Band:
Solo Artiste & session-musician; The Embryo
Former bands: Zhen, The Ocean Band, Chrysalids, Skin, Playing In Traffic, Captain Blistermint, Blyss
Favourite bands: Pat Metheny, Michael Manring, Bela Fleck And The Flecktones, Hellborg/Lane/Sipe
Available for work: Yes
Blog: wendyphua.com


Main bass: ‘68 Fender Telecaster Bass
First bass:  Hofner Beatle Bass
Rig: Gallion-Krueger head with 2 x 12” Framus cabinet
Current band:
Honey B. and the T-Bones
Former band: HBTB
Favourite bands: Foo Fighters, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Sly & the Family Stone
Birthday: 19th of August
Status: married
I also play: piano, guitar + vocals
Available for work:  yes

Website: Please see Links page


 Julie Patchouli
Burbank, USA

Website: Please see Links page

Email: julie@juliepatchouli.com

Where were you born?
I was born in Panorama City, California, USA

Do you come from a musical family?
No, I am the only musician in my family. However, my daughter is showing some interest.

What was your very first stage appearance?
My favorite show was when The Pandoras played a venue in Hollywood, CA called The Palace with Nina Hagen in 1987.

Which bassist do you most admire?
I love so many bass players, it is unfair to them to only list one, but I can narrow it down to my favorite bass players, Entwhistle, Bill Wyman, Mike Stax of The Tell Tale Hearts.

Tell us about your instruments?
Two Vintage 1966 guitars: Vox Teardrop hollow body, Eko violin bass made in Italy, similar to Paul McCartney’s Hofner bass.

What bands have you toured with?
The Pandoras have played with hundreds of bands, the most notable being: The Fuzztones, The Brood, Nina Hagen, The Miracle Workers, Jon and the Nightriders, The Halibuts.

What is your latest CD/album?
Stop Pretending by The Pandoras, Out Of The Fire-Into The Frying Pan.

Your own personal website?  myspace.com/juliepatchouli

"I would like to say to all of the girls interested in playing an instrument or starting a band. It is tough! But you must do what feels right for you, no matter what anyone tells you. Even if you suck in the beginning, practice makes perfect. Be diligent and never quit."

 Rebecca Prince
Baxley, USA

 Kelly Paluch
Clemson, USA

   Bonnie Parker
Garden City, NY, USA
Main bass: Ibanez GSR200FM
Rig: Ibanez 20W
Current band:
By His Grace
Former band: none
Favourite bands: Metallica, Black Sabbath, Rasputina
Available for work: No
Main bass: Fender Squier
Current band:
Former band(s): Edan, Inara
Favourite bands: Breaking Benjamin, Tonic, Stone Sour
Available for work: No
  Main bass: Ibanez Soundgear
Main rig: GK 400 RB / EV 15" & 18"
Current band:
Former band(s): She-Wolff, Bonnie Parker Band
Favourite bands: Motorhead, In Flames
Available for work: Yes

  Linda Pinelli  
Milan, Italy
   Joanne J-Bird Phillips
Long Beach, New York, USA

 Julie Patchouli 2
Chicago, USA

Gear: G&L 2000 - Mark bass amplifier
Current band:
Available for work? Yes
First bass: Samick 4 strings
First band: Elohym
Favourite band: U2
My hero: Pino Palladino
I also play piano
Please see Birthdays Calendar



  Main bass: 1972 Fender Jazz Bass
Rig: Hartke 350w. head, rack mounted with Korg ToneWorks Digital Tuner and Samson Wireless Remote Unit, SWR "Big Ben" 18" Subwoofer and Hartke 410 Bass Module.
Current band:
Turnpike Joe & The Traffic Jam
Former band: New York Harmony
Favourite bands: The Pretenders, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones
Available for work: Yes

Main bass: Gold Tone Electric Upright Bass, and Montana Acoustic Bass
First bass: Kay Upright Bass
Rig: SWR Working Man's 15
Current band:
Patchouli and Terra Guitarra
Former bands: Aunt Betsy
Favourite bands: U2, Cloud Cult, Tegan & Sara, Midlake, Don Ross, Wailers
I also play acoustic guitar 6 and 12-string, drums and percussion
myspace.com/patchoulispace myspace.com/terraguitarra 

Website: Please see Links page

   Monia Palma
Napoli, Italia



  Instruments: Jim Reed JR-MM 4; Ibanez BTB 570FM; Crafter BA-400EQ
Equipment: Peavey TKO65
Current band:
i Cronaca Nera
Former bands: Le Rev; Sound Sfere
Favourite bands: EELST; RHCP; Blind Guardian; Pantera; SOAD; The Doors; Pink Floyd.
Available for work: Yes

"Music doesn't lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music."

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