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Debbie Johnson
Nashville, TN, USA




Trine C. Johansen
Bergen, Norway

Main bass: I'm torn between my Ken Smith 5 and my Musicman 5
First bass: Series 10...ever heard of it?
Rig: SWR and Euphonic Audio
Current band:
Cowboy Crush
Favourite bands: U2, Whiteheart, Petra, Alabama
Birthday: October 3
Status: Married
I also play double bass.
Available for work? I'm busy, busy with Crush.

Website: Please see Links page



  Main bass: Rickenbacker, Gibson Thunderbird
Main rig: Fender Bassmann
Current band:
Octavia Sperati, Hunting League
Favourite bands: Clutch, Mastodon, Pink Floyd
Available for work: Yes

Website: Please see Links page


Where were you born Ana?
In Pozega, Croatia.

Do you come from a musical family?
Yes, my father was a musician. He played keyboards and guitar. He doesn't play anymore.

What was your very first stage appearance?
In music school, I played guitar, but now with bass... I started to play bass when I was 13 and my sister and I played with our friends in some small club here in Pozega. we played covers.

Which bassist do you most admire?
Jean-Jacques Burnel of The Stranglers, somebody told me that we have even simular style of playing, he's very simple but different from others.

Tell us about your instruments/amp/gear?
My bass is the most beautiful bass guitar in the world:) It's Fender Jazz Bass, 3 years old. My amp: Ampeg classic SVT (amp) and 2x6" + 2x12" + 1x18" box, also Ampeg.

. . . and your current band?
My current band is still my first band with my sister Tina on guitar and our friend Matej on drums, The Rock Flock. we play some melodic punk. I am come from small city, full of discrimination, that's why I started to play with my sister. When we started to searching for a drummer no one wanted to play with us, until we found Matej.

What's your favourite music/bands?
I listen to all new interesting music and a lots of different genres like hc, punk, rock, grunge, ska, dub, alternative, jazz, avant-garde... I like new sounds and I'm opened for everything. I like simple bands like The Subways, Juliette and the Licks, The Hives... one of my favourite bands are Placebo, Muse and Massive Attack. From older bands I like Hole.

What are your hobbies outside music?
Interior design, travel, shopping and visiting theatres, exhibitions and good concerts.

Are you recording?
We are still working on our first album. It will be done soon. I'm very optimistic because we are one of the most popular demo bands in Croatia, people do come a lot on our concerts and big bands are supporting us very much, some of them are even jealous!

Your own personal webspace?

"Just do what are you talented for, not what everybody are expecting from you. Be different from others, that's what you really are!" ~ Ana

     Ana Jelic   
  Pozega, Croatia 










Laura Jones
Basingstoke, England

Email: x_phee_x@hotmail.com








Where were you born Laura?
I was born in Portshepston which is near Durban in South Africa but my parents are both English.

Do you come from a musical family?
Yes and no. I was the first to start a instrument and after that my brother and sister took up instruments, but no one had ever been serious about playing before me. I don't know where I got my musical side from.

What was your very first stage appearance?
When i was about 9 I think, I played at a music festival. At that time I played the clarinet and I played a piece called Rumbling Man I was so happy cause I passed with a merit.

Which bassist do you most admire?
I really admire Marcus Miller, he's amazing how he plays and the sound he creates is beautiful.

What instruments do you have?
Well I have a really nice Jazz-style bass which is a Peavey Grind 4 string. I love this bass, it's the most expensive one I own. I also have a Yamaha 5-string, in which I use rock and metal songs, that low B string is great for the heavy metal.

Are you part of a band at the moment?
At the moment I'm not in a band because I just haven't found one, but I would like to start looking for one.

What other bands have you played with?
I was in a band called Black Sherbet, which was started by my friend and me. She played guitar and at the time I played the drums. It was later I started playing the bass. The band was just the two of us and we recorded the music and over lapped it together. We played 3 different instruments each. It was funny at the time but after that we both went different ways, I stayed the same and she followed the crowd, that's why the band stopped.

Your own personal webspace? myspace.com/new_blood_new_war

"Good luck with what ever instrument you play because I have learnt when you put in hard work to it , the reward at the end is priceless and it also feels really good, you can only ever go forward (it's what i was told). Please keep to your true self and don't follow the crowd because it really gets you nowhere in life." ~ Laura

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