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 Nicole Badila
Frankfurt, Germany


 Linda Scheffel
Purmerend, Netherlands

 Bylle Baringer
Munich, Germany

Main bass: 6 string Max, Human Base
Rig: Glockenklang Bass Art, Duo 2 x 10, Uno 1 x 15
Current bands: New Brasiljazz Project,
Fayoum Blue
Favourite bands: BrazilianJazzFusionFunk
Available for work: Yes
  Main bass: Fender Jazzbass American Deluxe 5-string
First bass: Ibanez Soundgear
Birthday: 12 April

Website: Please see Links page


  Main bass: Status S2, 4-string headless
Rig: Mark Bass
Current band:
Mickey Monroe & Band, Wildcats, Superfly, Gaslight
Former band(s): Electric Ladyland, Germany
Favourite bands: Prince, Lenny Kravitz, RHCP
Available for work: Yes
Bylle Baringer,
Website: Please see Links page

 Alessia (Lulu) Felchlin
Lausanne, Switzerland
   Heike "Shenouk" Müller
Düsseldorf, Germany
   Sylvia Maessen
Nigtevecht, Netherlands
Main bass: Yamaha RBX270
Rig: head Ampeg B-2RE with 4x10
Favourite bands: Depeche Mode, QOTSA, Chemical Brothers
Available for work: yes




  Main bass: Fender Precision 1976 butterscotch
Rig: Ampeg SVT & Ampeg Box 8x10 (1967)
Current band(s):
Garstic, Alice in Wonderbra, Take off
Former band(s): Rake, Travis Walk, Diary
Favourite bands: Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble, System of a Down, Slade
Available for work: No

Website: Please see Links page

  Main bass: Upright double bass “Mirecourt”
Rig: Roland
Current band(s):
Alice in Dixieland, Fuego Latino, Swing Sister Swing, Nigunim, Wiener Tradition, Trio Doriacci
Available for work: Yes, always
Birthday: 18 December

Website: Please see Links page


 Anke Sobek
Hannover, Germany


 Anna Hrešková
Obyce, Slovakia


 Barbara Wroblewska
Slupsk, Poland

Main Bass: Dean Zone Bass
Main rig: Amp: Trace Elliot, Box: Rocktron 6x12er
Current band:
Nikki Puppet
Former band: Schierling
Favourite bands: Queen, Beatles, Rage
Available for work: Yes


Bass: Jackson P5
Amp: Ashdown 100W
Band: Christallinus
Former bands: none
Favourite music: Roy Mitchell-Cérnandes, Stu Hamm, Showbread, Relient K, Mute Math, Radiohead.
Available for work: No
Motto: I need some more coffee!!:))

See Links for band website.


Main bass: Cort C4
Rig: Orange Crush 35 B
Available for work? Yes




 Iris Hidding
Hiversum, Netherlands


   Soňa Balážová
Nová Dubnica, Slovakia
   Marya Roxx
Estonia & Los Angeles, USA
Main bass: Fender MiM Jazz Bass 5-string
Rig/Amp: SWR LA 15
Current band: The We Don't Have A Name Yet Band
Available for work: Yes!






Main bass: Rock bass Corvette (Warwick copy)
Rig: Behringer 120w
Current band:
The Revenge
Favourite bands: White Stripes, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, System of a Down, Foo fighters






Bass: Gibson Thunderbird IV (ivory)
Equipment: Ampeg
Band: Marya Roxx (but I am just singing, I hired one of the best bass players in the world, Joey Vera!)
Former bands: Vanilla Ninja
Favourite music: Queen, Mötley Crüe, Nirvana, Living Color, INXS, Ozzy Osbourne, AC DC, Ted Nugent, Ramones
Other instruments: piano, saxophone
Birthday: See Birthdays Calendar
Available for work: No
Website: See Links page
Motto: Carpe Diem!

Marya's BGI Scrapbook


   Alexandra Marko  

Aurora Steffens
Cologne, Germany

Muriel B.
Aalst, Belgium

Do you come from a musical family Alexandra?
Yes, my grandma was touring through Europe, playing the zither and other relatives were also playing in bands. Besides that, there were some painters in my family

What was your very first stage appearance?
The very first one was with about eight when I was learning to play the piano, the concert was in a town hall and I know I was pretty nervous. I studied classical guitar and changed to bass -  it happened during the recording of an LP that I was asked to play the bass, and I loved it.
(Full interview with Alexandra HERE)



Bass: Yamaha RBX 270
Equipment: Digitex BP 80, Boss Overdrive ODB-3
Band: The Black Sheep
Favourite music: Muse, Opeth, In Flames, Chaka Khan, Kataklysm
Birthday: See Birthdays Calendar
Available for work: Yes
Band website: See Links page
Motto: Bassisten kommen tiefer!






Bass: Cort C4, ambition to buy a Fender Jazz bass
Equipment: Ashdown 100 W and Behringer 300 W
Band: Use The Local Boy. We used to be a girl-band with just one boy in it, we were using the local boy in our band! The name sounded nice too, and at some gigs there were guys who claimed to be the local boy, so we let them carry our amplifiers!
Former band: TYOP
Favourite musicians/bands: Queens Of The Stone Age, The Cure, Kyuss, Melissa Auf Der Maur
Other instruments? double bass, guitar, drums
Birthday: See Birthdays Calendar
Available for work: No
Motto: Bassists always are the hottest!


Mette Andreasen
Aarhus, Denmark



Bass: A Fender Jazz bass. Even though that is a very normal specimen, mine is as unique as can be. I covered it all up in coloured scraps from my friends childhood. I used nail polish as glue/lacquer (You would be surprised how efficient that can be!)
Amp: An old Roland studio bass 100. Looks just like a huge treasure chest - but it surely sounds like thunder. The best one I ever had!
Effects: A friend who is quite a wonder when it comes to technology, made me a handmade fuzz like pedal for my birthday. I adore it, no one else has my sound! And a Boss overdrive.
Band: Darling Don't Dance
Former bands: Great Hams From Sky, The Virtual Valentinas, Little Yells Alot
Favourite bands: Arctic Monkeys, Figurines, The Kills, Smashing Pumpkins, Sleater Kinney, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Postal Service.
Other instrument? Guitar
Birthday: See Birthdays Calendar
Available for work: Yes












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