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 Eunice Luk
Hong Kong

 Namie Osawa
Tokyo, Japan

 Maria J. S. Maningo
Cebu, Philippines

Main bass: Warwick Fortress One, Musicman Sub Stingray, Epiphone Thunderbird Elite
Main rig: Orange 20B Combo
Current bands:
Lazy Susans & Frozen Matches (Hong Kong)
Former band: The Ember (Hong Kong)
Favourite bands: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Franz Ferdinand, Maroon 5
Available for work: No
  Main bass: Custom made four string bass by ESP in Japan
Main rig: Ampeg SVT
Current band: none
Former band(s): Jenny Fox
Favourite bands: House of Lords, Red Dawn, Toto
Available for work: Yes
Main bass: Fender Jazz
Main rig:  Any
Current band: none
Former band(s): Tweakz n' Reverbz
Favourite bands: Police, Outfield, Led Zeppelin
Available for work: Yes

 Junko Hime
Tokyo, Japan


 Wendy Phua

    Dee Nakamura 
Hitachi, Japan
Main bass: 1972 Fender Precision
First bass: Fernandez
Rig: None
Current band:
Favourite bands: Last Days Of April, Led Zeppelin, Chemical Brothers
Available for work? Yes

Website: Please see Links page 





Main Bass: Zon Legacy Elite 6-string, Ibanez GWB-1 5-string fretless
Main Rig: Hartke HA4000 Amphead, Hartke 4.5 XL Cabinet, Boss GT6B, "Undark" modified Line 6 DL4, Mobius, Ableton Live, Behringer FCB1010 and half-size violin bow.
Current Band:
Solo Artiste & session-musician; The Embryo
Former bands: Zhen, The Ocean Band, Chrysalids, Skin, Playing In Traffic, Captain Blistermint, Blyss
Favourite bands: Pat Metheny, Michael Manring, Bela Fleck And The Flecktones, Hellborg/Lane/Sipe
Available for work: Yes

  Main bass: 1975 Gibson EB3
Rig/Amp: depending on venue
Current band: Solo, Broken Country Girls, D.U.S.T.
Available for work? Yes
First bass: Fender Precision
Former bands: Dirtrucks, Motorcobra, Cobrachicks
Favourite bands: Anything from Steve Marriott
I also play acoustic guitar
Birthday: Please see Birthdays page



Maki F.
Tokyo, Japan
   Amy Tung
Santa Monica, California, USA & Taipei, Taiwan
   Natsuko Chishiro
Kyoto, Japan

Bass: Gibson USA Thunderbird (black)
Band: Falsies On Heat (my first and only band since I was 18)
Favourite musici: Smashing Pumpkins, Korn, Marilyn Manson.
Birthday: See Birthdays Calendar
Available for work: Yes
Email: or
Blog: I carry it in the website of the band.
Band website: See Links page
Motto: 何事もマイペースに楽しむ (I enjoy everything in one's own pace)



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